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A+での生活を終えて!!^^ 作成者 : risa
作成日 : 2012-02-09, Hit : 1269


A+のEnglish Zoneでは英語しか使えません。友達とも同じです。





There months of Academy life is over. I found it shorter than most of the other
student's schedule. I'm going back to Korea soon.
The first month passed by slowly because I had felt awkward and I needed to acclimate myself to the new environment but the next month passed by very fast. I selected on my own accordance the semi-spartan style of education, however during my former weeks in the academy, I was always tired about the rigid schedule and i felt cramped because we are not allowed to go out on weekdays, but i readily adapted myself to the schedule and it became a big pleasure that i could go outside with my friends on weekends to relieve my fatigue or stress.
During my stay in this place, i usually traveled to beautiful islands and mountains near Baguio with my friends every weekend.
It also helps a lot to the language training that we have in the Philippines that more than half of Filipinos speak english well, so when we go outside, we can speak english and apply the things that we learned in the academy.
The English zone in A+ academy, which is a place where we have to speak only english even to a korean friend also helps enhance our english skill.
At first, I could only speak incomplete sentences or just verbs and sometimes I spoke korean language by mistake. Whenever I speak korean I should pay a penalty. We have to speak in English because some teachers who check students and teachers speaking in Korean or Tagalog appear like a ghost.
However, my awkward english conversation became increasingly interesting, occasionally at rest times, the conversation with my teachers was fun. Because I speak in broken english, the teachers explained easily and repeatedly until I understand the topic. They always fixed my wrong sentences. After then i was able to speak correct sentences.
This is a big advantage to study in A+ academy.
Although i didn't try to find some teachers, they are everywhere so I asked as many question as i could. Sometimes, during our free time i invited my closest teachers so i can hang out with them. For example, during my last days in the academy i spent time with my teachers to express my gratitude.
Every friday, i had a fun spending time with my teachers. In my group class, I was able to show my real talent in cooking so my group classmates and teachers were able to taste and appreciate my recipe. We also spent time drinking coffee and sharing interesting and funny stories. Almost people think, English training is a failure, but I was able to succeed with just a minimum pay.
It was all worth it! Just in minimum pay, I was able to improve my English skills. For me, Philippine language training gave me. English skills and self confidence. One more thing is that, they gave me positive thinking. I was able to become optimistic.
So, A-plus English Inc. is a good academy for me. What are you waiting for? come and enroll here! Have fun in learning English as secondary language.

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