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A+での僕の英語勉強 作成者 : jerry
作成日 : 2011-12-22, Hit : 4521
I arrived at A-Plus academy in February 2011 and started to study English. As I’m forty two years old in international age, many people thought I was too old for studying English but I wanted to become a fluent English speaker.


I had classes for 11 hour a day form 7 : 30 am to 8 : 20 pm including free class. My some batchmates were better than me in speaking, vocabulary and debate in every aspects of English. But I disliked to lag behind them. So, I usually had no option to study until midnight to finish homework and preview. At first, I felt my English skill naturally was enhanced as long as I followed the coursework.


But, after 2 months, I sometimes felt stuffy and even jealousy whenever I couldn't express myself what I thought without trouble and I saw other good students better than me. So, I often asked my teachers and fellow students how well I can improve English skills. The answers were that there is no shortcut in English and the more you practice, the better you can do. One teacher said she studied for twenty years but she still was studying English. I realized that it would take considerable times to become fluent speaker.


Every time I felt shortage in certain field such as pronunciation, listening, and Toeic Speaking, I could choose my teachers who had specialty in that field and even change some teachers into better teachers freely. At first my teacher told me that it sounded like speaking Korean language when I speak English because of my pronunciation. So, I applied additional class and I could learn American Accent. Nowaday I was told my Korean style accent almost disappered.

発音、聞き取り、またはTOEIC Speakingなどの分野が不足だと思い、その分野の専門性を持った先生を選べました。またその一部はもっと実力のある先生に自由に変えることができました。初めて授業を受けた先生に、僕は発音がよくないと言われたので、それで追加授業を申請してアメリカ式の発音勉強をして、最近はアクセントが大分よくなったと言われるようになりました。

In addition, when I was studying Toeic speaking in Korean cram academy, I felt stuffy and limits. I focused on Toeic speaking with good teacher for 4 -5 hours a day in this academy and I have the confidence to get a good score now.

また、わが国の専門学院で Toeic speakingを勉強するとき、限界を感じましたが、ここでは優秀な先生たちと一日に4-5時間ずつ Toeic speaking勉強に集中し、今は高得点がもらえるという自信を持てるようになりました。

Whenever I saw good students in this academy, I ask them their know how and try to learn it. It greatly stimulated and encouraged me. I'll go back to korea soon and I will continue to study my English without pause and I believe I can become fluent English speaker. I always think Steve Job's famous word "Stay hungry, stay foolish" That way, I will study hard until I can speak English like native.

語学院で優秀な学生を見るたびに、僕はそのノーハウを聞いて、それを見習うように努力してきました。それは僕に大きなモティベーションとなり、僕を励ましてくれました。僕は帰国しても英語勉強を続けるつもりです。僕はきっと英語が得意になれると思います。僕はいつも スティーブジョブズの名言を思い出します。「 Stayhungry, Stay foolish.」そう努力して僕はネイティブのように英語が話せるまで頑張って勉強します。

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